About Us

At Shine Juice Bar & Cafe we believe that to live a good life you have to fuel your body with good food. Our selection of food and drinks will focus on locally grown produce and organic products. We understand first handĀ the battlesĀ of trying to go out to eat and have something healthy. We want to provide meals that people can leave feeling good about eating!

IMG_0369In 2013, Alex and Laura were introduced to eating a raw food diet. It was something that they were both sceptical of however after little research it all seemed to make so much sense. After taking the plunge and eating solely raw food for about six months, winter rolled around and they found it a little bit harder to stick to their raw food lifestyle. Since then they have learned to have a balanced diet. They include many raw and vegan meals in their diet, stay away from processed foods and limit the unhealthy foods that they used to eat on a daily basis.

Alex and Laura both are passionate about food and about living a healthy lifestyle and they want to make those everyday choices easier for everyone that comes to Shine!